Languages Sheffield Closure Public Statement

Dear Colleagues, Partner Agencies, Volunteers and all supporters of Languages Sheffield past and present, 

As you may know, the main funder for our activities for some time has been the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This grant is due to end on October 31st. Unfortunately, despite considerable efforts, it has not been possible to secure other sources of funding. Hence, it is with a heavy heart that the trustees have decided, with the prospect of no new funding being available for the language-specific activities in which Languages Sheffield is involved, that the organisation is to be wound down after the HoLA Project, which we deliver in conjunction with King Edward VII School, has been completed.  

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has accepted our application to extend the HoLA Project for two months i.e. to the end of this calendar year, and have granted permission for us to use the remaining funds to try to work with other agencies to secure a continuation of existing activities as far as possible and to explore options with Complementary Schools themselves to set up their own structure or network. This work has already begun.

We would like to thank all those involved in the past for the considerable efforts made to ensure Languages Sheffield continued for so long and delivered such terrific activities and research. 

With thanks once again for your support over many years,

Daniel Collis, Secretary, acting Chair

Jane O’Brien, Treasurer

Geoff Swinn, Trustee

October 2017

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Dear Colleagues, Partner Agencies, Volunteers and all supporters of Languages Sheffield past and present,  (in Home)
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