Gold Award for Sheffield Star Mandarin School

On the 12th of July Sheffield Star Mandarin School attended a Quality Framework recognition meeting in Manchester to be peer assessed for the Gold Award. Four complementary schools presented their portfolios and answered questions from each other and from independent witnesses. The portfolios were scrutinised, and it was evident that each school had put a tremendous amount of work into the whole process.

We were very pleased and relieved to hear that Sheffield Star Mandarin School were recommended for the Gold Award - the first school in Sheffield to reach this level in the NRCSE's independent quality recognition scheme.

The recommendations from the schools and  independent witness spoke of the excellent academic links SSMS clearly has, the good curriculum set-up and detailed records, and the outstanding achievement of the learners. 

Congratulations to Sheffield Star Mandarin School, and also to Xinqun Hu who whose commitment to developing good practice in the school was instrumental in achieving this award.