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Greek School Logo

Sheffield Greek School is a complementary school which offers lessons of Greek language, history and culture mainly to children with Hellenic heritage (Greek and Greek Cypriot).

Established in the late 90s, Sheffield Greek School is constantly growing in numbers and in reputation. We currently have 40 children distributed in five classes.

Sheffield Greek School is situated at the modern premises of King Edward VII Upper School. We meet every Saturday from 10.30 to 14.15 for the Early Years classes and to 14.30 for the older classes. We accept students of all levels (Early Years to A level, native to non-native speakers) and ages from 4 to 17 years old.

Sheffield Greek School is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity. We run under the auspices of KEA (Cypriot Educational Mission) and KES (Greek Educational Mission) and a low parent fee which is paid termly. The parent fee includes the providing of textbooks, notebooks and other educational materials given to the students by the teachers. It also includes a membership to our Lending Library. We work closely with Languages Sheffield and other Complementary schools and we support the School’s links to the Community.

We offer support for Modern Greek language certificates such as GSCE, A Level and the Greek National Language Exam System (Κρατικό Πτυχίο Γλωσσομάθειας).

Our School is well resourced. We have some of the latest technology, such as interactive whiteboards and pens, computers, audio-visual equipment, a variety of educational games and tailored, weekly designed resources to meet the needs of our students. In May 2017, we launched our Lending Library which is free for our students.

We organise and offer cultural and educational activities round the year such as Christmas and End of Year performances, Carnival parties, National Days celebrations and Easter workshops among many more.

Our staff is highly trained and qualified to work with children and teach Greek. We believe in lifelong learning so we encourage and offer continuous professional development to our teachers with the help of Languages Sheffield, KEA and KES.

We take the security and wellbeing of our children very seriously. All our staff and volunteers are DBS checked (previously CRB) and the majority of our teachers are First Aid Trained (Level 3 First Aid Paediatric Certificate, EpiPen and AED).

Our premises are clean, bright and secure. The building can be accessed by a door protected with a passcode known only by the parents, teachers and volunteers.

Our Ethos

We believe ourselves to be a forward thinking, innovative school, striving for continuous improvement. We take pride in our children, methods of teaching and our welcoming and happy environment.

We believe in positive reinforcement. Our students get rewarded for completing their homework and tasks in the classroom, attendance and good behaviour. We believe that every child is a unique learner, has their own personality and needs, and we treat them with respect.

As a result, Sheffield Greek School has lively, happy, cherished children who enjoy a variety of activities and develop a love and pride for their Greek identity, heritage and language.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our School’s email or the Headteacher’s email, find addresses below.

You might want to contact us because you:

·         Need more information about our school.

·         Want to talk with us about the needs of your child(ren).

·         Would like to visit us and/or have a trial day for your child(ren) free of charge

·         Have an idea that could improve Sheffield Greek School even further

·         Would like to give us feedback

·         Wish to volunteer

·         Wish to donate to our school