HoLA Successes So Far

Children taking part in treasure hunt

July 2011Paul Hamlyn Foundation agrees to fund the HoLA project for 3 years from 1st November 2011

January 2012 – 80 people attend a launch event at Sheffield Town Hall

July 2012 - 113 Sheffield children achieve national accreditation in their mother tongue – Arabic, Urdu, Chinese, Persian, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Somali, Bengali and Dutch

September 2012 HoLA is awarded the EU Language Label and wins the Mary Glasgow Award

October 2012 - Over 40 community language tutors attend a consultation event to help establish a training and development programme

November 2012 – 60 bilingual children attend intensive courses and take part in mock GCSE exams in their home language

April 2013 - 70 students take a GCSE speaking exam with the HoLA Project. Languages included were: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Urdu

May 2013 - 69 children from Sheffield complementary schools attend a ceremony at Sheffield Hallam University to receive Sheffield Children's University Gold Awards. These awards recognise a minimum of 100 hours of home language learning.

Till summer 2013 - Over 500 children receive certificates from Sheffield Children’s University in recognition of their participation in mother tongue learning at complementary schools

November 2014 - HoLA Conference was held with more than 20 people from both the mainstream schools and complementary schools attending.  

February 2015 - HoLA launched the Complementary School Tutors Network. Around 25 tutors from the complementary schools across Sheffield attended the event. After which, a series of tutor trainings were delivered. 

October 2015 - HoLA ran the Young Interpreters Course with WEA successfully. This course was so popular that it will be run again in October 2016. 

July 2016 - HoLA has been successfully running the Film Summer School in summer 2015 and again in summer 2016. 

July 2016 - HoLA has been successfully running the Mother Tongue Other Tongue Competition for 4 years in a row since year 2013. 

To date - 15 Sheffield complementary schools are actively engaged in the HoLA Project