Heritage Language Art and Poetry Competitions

As today is the UK's National Poetry Day ( 28th September 2017) we are proud to launch the Heritage Language Art and Poetry Competitions.

This year we have two separate competitions one for poetry and one for art.  Each school is asked to run their own internal competitions to nominate a first and second prize winner for each competition.  The first and second prize winners from all the schools will receive their prizes at the HoLA Celebration Event on Sunday 12th November.  First and second prizes from schools will also be displayed at the Celebration Event.

Further information about each competition is below:

1) Art Competition

  • Open to young people aged between 5- 14
  • Young people are asked to decorate a character or a letter from their heritage language that represents a theme/idea/message which anybody (regardless of their language) will understand
  • Entries need to be on A4 sized paper

2) Poetry Competition

  • Open to young people aged between 11- 18
  • Young people are asked to write an original poem in their heritage language
  • The poem needs to fit onto one side of A4 paper

How to enter both competitions:

Attached to this email is a cover sheet for each competition.  Once you have decided your first and second prize winners for each competition, you need to complete the relevant cover sheet.  You need to send the cover sheet to the Languages Sheffield Office with the original artwork and/or poems.  Please make sure that the name of the student and their age is on the back of their work.

We have also attached some guidance on how to judge the artwork and poetry.  This is for guidance only, when you internally judge your students' work you don't have to use our criteria.

The closing date for both competitions is Monday 6th November 2017.

If you have any questions about either competition don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing the entries.