Interpreting & Translating in Sheffield

Interpreting and translation services break down the cultural and linguistic barriers to promote equality in a diverse community.  Sheffield hosts people from all over the globe with their cultures and languages; some people may feel they don’t understand English or are unable to express themselves in English while using public services. Therefore, interpreters and translators are needed to enable everyone to have equal access to services.

 Differences between translation and interpreting

Translation refers to written tasks, e.g translating a written text from one language into another e.g., a legal document or a book.

Interpreting refers to a spoken situation e.g between a GP and a patient or a solicitor and a client.

Interpreters and translators are professionals who have a  love of language and in-depth knowledge of more than one tongue. It is essential that they have an awareness of cultural differences too.

In Sheffield, there are many different agencies that provide interpreting and translation services to everyone. There are also many institutions that teach languages and provide special training for those who wish to become an interpreter or translator. 

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Sheffield’s oldest translation agency, established 1983. Full long-term member of the Association of Translation Companies and sponsor of Languages Sheffield.

From French to Farsi and Latin to Latvian, we provide professional translations into and from all major global languages, as well as many more specialist and unusual languages and dialects.

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