Mother Tongue Other Tongue 2016 Winners

Mother Tongue Other Tongue is a multilingual poetry competition that celebrates cultural diversity and the many languages currently spoken and studied across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The winners from Mother Tongue, Other Tongue and the Postcard winners.

The Mother Tongue Poetry Winners are:

  • Danial Rostami- Hochaghan (KS5)
  • Jenny Wang (KS4)
  • Ahmed Zahedi (KS3)
  • Lawan Ameen (Primary)

The Other Tongue Poetry Winners are;

  • Beverley Calicdan (KS5)
  • Ellie Tippett- Wilson (KS5)
  • Emily Hall (KS3)
  • Emily Turner (KS3)
  • Ruby Stevens ( Primary)

The Postcard winners are;

  • Marwa Sajjad (Primary)
  • Motibur Rehman​ (KS3)

The following young people submitted entries judged to be Highly Commended:

Mother Tongue Poetry Entries:

  • Rosie Cockrell ( KS5)
  • Seema Ali Abdullah (KS5)
  • Ahmedyad Ameen ( KS4)
  • Nicola Delegiewicz ( KS3)
  • Meg Kitagawa ( Primary )
  • Ray Kitagawa ( Primary)

Postcard entries:

  • Christopher Wang (Primary)
  • Doroftei Stoica (KS3)

No 'Other Tongue' entries were selected as either winners or Highly Commended for KS4.