Sheffield is one of the 100 top ranking universities in the world and top 13 in the United Kingdom. Sheffield is located almost in the centre of the United Kingdom. This central location gives Sheffield the benefit of being easily accessible from all regions. Our research expertise is par excellence and keeps us in the top 50 universities in the European Union. The motto of the University of Sheffield is "fortunate is he, who is able to know the cause of things". This is a source of motivation to all students. We believe that education is meant to help you understand your world better, to follow your environment better. We look forward to the more holistic development of our students.

Although we are an institution of education, we also encourage our students to participate in numerous extracurricular activities. Our student's council has over 150 activity groups that cater to almost all extracurricular needs of our students. Providing to the international community, our students come from all over the world. It helps to create a small world within our campus. At the same time, we are dedicated to the local causes in our region. The students and teachers take up projects, and Sheffield assures you that our institution does not only focus on education but also focuses on creating evolved and compassionate human beings.

Languages are an essential course at our University. We have numerous courses where English and other languages are an integral part of the main course. At the same time, we have sessions wholly dedicated to the study of language and its use. Few examples of combination courses are the courses of Tourism, Healthcare, Research, Paleontology and many more which have languages as a core. In today's world, we need to have a good understanding of language to communicate the learnings of any specific subject that we are masters in. And Sheffield makes sure that you achieve this goal.