Sheffield's Languages

Languages are most important for communication. Unlike the past, the current generation is interested in travelling the works and finding new opportunities in new regions. Besides companies and organisations are searching for individuals who can really add value to their company and communicate to more customers.

Catering to this rising demand, Sheffield has decided to give more weight to languages and their study. In this regard, we have created some courses which offer you the flexibility to learn up to 3 languages. We have exclusive language courses in addition to courses which include language in their curriculum. At Sheffield, you can choose up to three languages from the eleven that we offer in our classes. The languages which we provide to our student are French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Catalan, Russian, Polish, Luxembourgish and Dutch. This is in addition to English.

Sheffield offers you a wide array of flexible degree structures, where you can choose to learn one, two or three languages. The various courses that we offer are Modern languages and culture, English and modern languages and culture, Linguistics and modern languages and culture, History and modern languages and culture, philosophy and modern languages and culture, Business Management and modern languages and culture, Politics and modern languages and culture, Archeology and modern languages and culture, Economics and modern languages and culture, Music and modern languages and literature. These study of languages in association with your main degree gives you an edge over others since you get to learn up to 3 words in the time that you complete your course.

This learning of new languages truly caters to the need of today to be international citizens. It gives you the flexibility to work anywhere in the world that interests you. Times are changing, and people realise the real importance of language in all areas of study. If you are not able to communicate well the learnings that you have acquired, then the scholarships don't have much value.